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Nightly explorations of modern history through planetary cycles. Version française 🇫🇷 - Versión en español 🇪🇸

From the 17th century mechanical calculator to the successive generations of modern computers since the 1940s.

How the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus alignment of 1976 is reflected in Apple's story.

The youth years of an entrepreneur.

From the Genoese and the Venetian to the British and the American, the history of maritime empires correlates to Uranus-Neptune cycles.

How frequently do the four giant planets meet in the sky? What do the charts of those stellia look like?

The 6 months timeframe of this triple conjunction coincided with a pivotal moment in the history of the United States, when it was preparing for entry into World War II.

How did the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions translate into the lives of these two extraordinary men?

What is the meaning of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions? How is the single conjunction different from the triple conjunction?